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Michael Bronco

michael bronco
I started Huck Finn School to give kids a place to go to learn how to use their hands. It really is that simple.
Before starting Huck Finn School I spent nearly thirty years in the fitness industry training elite athletes. Because of this I am keenly aware that very few kids will ever receive an athletic scholarship, and an even smaller number will ever make a living in sports. That doesn’t mean that kids shouldn’t give sports a shot. My wife Holly and I both volunteer as youth coaches and all three of our children are extremely athletic. I was even named volunteer of the year in 2014 for the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department for my work as a baseball coach. I played baseball and football in high school and competed as a professional triathlete for three years during college.

But sports are only part of what is needed for child development.

Learning how to properly use tools is critical for physical and emotional health. Being able to build things provides a healthy outlet for kids, and it sets them apart from those who do not possess these important skills. Even as adults, those who are confident with tools have a distinct advantage. Who doesn’t want to be able to fix things? And who wouldn’t want to learn how to make guitars, knives, furniture, bows and arrows, leather items, jewelry, tools, and more?
I was introduced to tools at a very young age when my father would bring me to his auto body shop to help sand cars, and eventually to take off old bumpers and other salvageable parts from wrecks. I also spent countless hours with my grandfather fixing things in his garage. These are the places where I learned the importance of being capable with tools. I also learned the discipline and responsibility that goes along with it.
Now, it’s my turn to pass it along. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.

Holly Bronco

holly bronco
My name is Holly Bronco (Mrs. Bronco to the kids), and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Huck Finn School! In addition to helping students with their projects, I am the one “behind the scenes”~managing activities, correspondence and camp registration. During the summer I am also camp ‘mom’. As a mother of three, I know that all children are different, and I am there to attend to any special needs that may arise.

I learned to become handy at a very early age by following my dad around our barn to fix things. I learned not only how to use tools, but also a lot about patience. Along with a collection of animals (from small rescues to x-racehorses) came chores and responsibilities, and very full days! I had the good fortune to experience a very wide range of crafts from leather-work and sewing to mechanics and woodwork. Not to mention years of experience in tossing hay bales and doing barn chores!

It is a great pleasure to meet so many wonderful families, and I look forward to seeing you at Huck Finn School soon!

Jessy Bronco

Hey!  My name is Miss Jessy, and I LOVE teaching art and music at Huck Finn School! I studied both art and music at Wando High School, where it was an honor to be a part of the chorus and the all-state choir.  I am continuing my studies at Trident Technical College with plans to transfer to a four year school.  I am so fortunate to be able to study, and at the same time, teach what I love to the best students in the world!

I really enjoy watching the creativity that comes from my students.  The looks on the faces of their parents when they see what their child has made is priceless!  The only things I love as much as teaching (besides my family) is sushi and the beach.  And of course my animals, including my adorable possum named, Squinky.   I rescued him when he was a teeny tiny little guy after he fell out of his mother’s pouch onto my front step.  As many people have told me, he picked the right steps!